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$15.25 / 12 Ounces
Guatemala, Ethiopia & Honduras
Bourbon, Pacas, Catuai, Caturra, Catimor & Typica
1300 - 1900 meters
Tasting notes
Sweet, Herbal, Round

Farm Brew Organic

We created this delicious blend so that proponents of sustainable agriculture could enjoy a balanced coffee to drink year round. We combine the fresh, clean, and snappy character of brighter coffees with the full, brooding, herbal notes characteristic of earthier origins, tempered with a sweetness that brings it all together.

We roast each of this blend’s component coffees, all of which are organic, separately to highlight their best characteristics, and then blend them in equal parts to create this classic profile. The final product is a cup that is full-bodied and robust, yet balanced with sweetness, and without roast-driven flavors like smoke. We find most people enjoy this coffee when they appreciate a rich full cup of coffee without the sultrier overtones a dark roast can impart.

This coffee is certified USDA Organic, meaning its production did not involve the use of synthetic substances such as most pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.1-farm-brew-organic.jpg


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  1. Rating
    such smooth coffee

    Written By Unknown
    25th Feb 2013

    Irving Farm Organic Farm brew is delicious and smooth, We stumbled upon it in New York and now order it online.
    it is never bitter and reminds me if the coffee in Italy.

  2. Rating
    Some of the best coffee I've ever had.

    Written By Jeremy
    18th Feb 2013

    I lived in Hawaii for a year in my 20s and was able to get really great coffee at any time being I was in the midst of The Kona coffee region. Since then, I'm always on the outlook for a nice, balanced cup of coffee that works year round; rich enough for people who like strong coffee and smooth enough that my parents can drink it when they come to visit. This blend does all of that. I now live in NYC and I feel like I can still have the luxury of having great coffee without having to live in a coffee growing region. My girlfriend constantly says, "I just love this coffee". Well done Irving Farm.

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Available for limited times in small quantities, our carefully curated micro-lots are single origin coffees at their purest. Not only are the beans sourced from one farm, they're sourced from one micro-lot of land on that farm, ensuring a highly consistent flavor and experience. This is a wonderful way to sample the true, amazing potential of coffee. We've selected these lots despite their small quantity because we see something in them that's truly special--and we think you will, too.

Single Origins:

True to their name, single origin coffees consist of beans sourced from a farm or community in one, specific region. Seasonal selections from around the world, our line of single origin coffees focuses on the highest quality product from coffee producers who take their work as seriously as we do.


Handcrafted from exceptional single origin coffees, our signature blends are carefully developed in our Hudson Valley roastery to please drinkers day after day, year round.


Offering exceptional flavor to coffee lovers who prefer to go without the caffeine, our Decaf selections stay true to taste with carefully blended, naturally water-processed decaffeinated coffees.

Whole Bean:

Select this option to receive whole bean coffee that can be ground to your preference just before brewing.

Coarsest (French Press):

Select this option to receive coffee ground for metal screen brewing devices (e.g., French press).

Coarser (Percolator):

Select this option to receive coffee ground for percolator or other similar brewing devices.

Medium (Auto-drip):

Select this option to receive coffee ground for flat-bottom filters, such as those used on automatic coffee makers or Kalita Wave brewers.

Finer (Cone Filter):

Select this option to receive coffee ground for cone-shaped brewers such as Melitta, Chemex, or any common pour-over cone brewing device.

Finest (Espresso):

Select this option to receive coffee ground for espresso brewing (e.g. espresso machine or stove-top Moka pot).


12oz per week (About enough coffee to brew 10 cups each week.)


12oz every two weeks (About enough coffee to brew 5 cups each week.)


12oz each month (About enough coffee to brew 2 to 3 cups each week.)