Guadalupe, El Salvador

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Guadalupe, El Salvador




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$14.50 / 12 Ounces
El Salvador
Jose Antonio Salaverria
Bourbon & Catuai
Mechanically Washed
1400 - 1700 meters
Tasting Notes
Sweet, Milk Chocolate, Smooth

Guadalupe, El Salvador

The Salaverria family has been producing coffee in the Northwest of El Salvador for almost 100 years. Their original farms and mill are just outside of the village of Concepción de Ataco at the northern end of the Ahuachapan-Ilmatepec mountain range. Guadalupe is a part of this farm group and a source of great pride for the family; our offering is the first time that this coffee has been brought into the United States.

Guadalupe’s entrance is flanked by 100 year old cedar trees, marking its historic provenance, and beyond the large shade trees are rows of Bourbon and Catuai coffee. Currently, the Salaverrias are returning the farm to a more traditional form of cultivation where they bend vertical branches to run horizontally. This process takes decades to complete, but eventually helps to improve the quality and the yield of the trees.

After the harvest, the coffee is processed at Las Cruces, one of the most modern facilities in El Salvador. The coffee is washed with mechanical washers which greatly reduces the amount of fresh water needed, and is then sun-dried on concrete patios. The coffee is then sorted no fewer than three times to remove any defects, before being shipped. The Las Cruces mill has a reputation for producing exceptional lots of coffee. Their processing expertise shows in this particularly beautiful coffee, Guadalupe.img-0565.jpgp1040185.jpgimg-0597.jpgimg-0606.jpgimg-0641.jpg

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    Loving it!

    Written By Dixie Ryall
    3rd Sep 2014

    I just bought 2 bags of these beans, and 2 of the Gotham blend. Gotham doesn't seem quite the same as I remembered, so I am giving one of those bags away...but oh, my! I am LOVING this Guadalupe from El Salvador! It is bold and bright. Looking forward to it every morning!! All 8 cups!


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