Baragwi, Kenya

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Baragwi, Kenya




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$19.50 / 12 Ounces
Baragwi Cooperative Society
SL34 & SL28
1,700–1,800 meters
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Big, Blackberry & Spice

Baragwi, Kenya


Located on the southern slopes of snow-capped Mount Kenya, Baragwi is strategically located for quality coffee production. These windward slopes accentuate the defined wet and dry seasons of Kenya, and are beneficial to coffee production by providing both the coffee with needed water during flowering, and the dry weather needed after harvest when the coffee is being dried. In Baragwi, the nutrient-rich, volcanic sandy soil is watered by the Kamweti river. When you combine these prime conditions with the SL-28 and SL-34 varietals, which were bred specifically for their beautiful flavor attributes, you produce the coffees with the rich, juicy mouthfeel that Kenya is famous for.

This coffee from Baragwi is a classic example of traditional Kenyan processing. Ripe cherries are depulped and washed in fermentation tanks for 24 hours, and then dried on raised beds. The members of the Mwirua Cooperative Society, mostly small land holders, pick their coffee and bring it to the centralized mill at Baragwi. This method of centralization allows the farmers to pool technical knowledge and improve the quality of their coffee—just one more benefit of the Kenyan way of coffee processing that shows through in the cup.


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